We live in a time of post-expertise.

Thanks to Google and YouTube, everybody can tell a doctor what’s wrong with them, can tell a chef what ingredients to use, can tell Jose Mourinho what he’s doing wrong and can fix every electrical problem in their home.

Or can they? It’s great to be proactive and confident but what if the issue is too big to handle yourself? When is it time to call electrical contractors?

There are some common problems that can occur that any householder should be able to handle before getting in touch with expert electricians.

Tripped fuses, blown light bulbs and even basic installation such as new plug sockets or ceiling fans can be accomplished with common sense and by following instructions to the letter.

If in doubt, call a contractor out!

This is important – If you get stuck or lose track, we’re only a call away to complete your work. Don’t improvise with electricity!

The other time to get in touch with B Williams, your friendly electrical contractors is when you have a burning smell. Don’t follow your nose, turn off the main switch on the fuse box and call us immediately.

It only takes 120 volts to kill a person in the wrong circumstances. Wires, plugs and boxes have been known to catch fire and explode before which can obviously injure anybody nearby.

Don’t risk shocks or burns if you are unsure about a job. Give us a call instead.